Article by Tony Sokol

HypnoCloud’s Online Store Can Help Your Body Build Your Immune System During the Coronavirus Crisis

As concerns build around the coronavirus pandemic, it is difficult to remain calm but stress is one of the biggest contributors to a lapse in immunity. Everyone is practicing social distancing and most of us are furloughed from work and on lockdown at home. What better time for building the immune system and your general health. Now is the time to stop smoking, improve sleep and use mindfulness self-hypnosis to prepare your body for any challenges to well-being. HypnoCloud’s online store for self-hypnosis audio sessions are a convenient way to start a healthier life.

Audio hypnosis sessions can help you stop smoking, boost your immune system, help you get better sleep and ease your anxiety.  The pandemic could lead to hundreds of thousands of deaths and millions of infections. We are entering an economic downturn that could be worse than the Great Depression. During the COVID-19 scare, we worry about losing income, independence and even our loved ones as every day brings reports new cases of contamination. Fear of the unknown is creeping into our consciousness.

Elena Mosaner, the founder of HypnoCloud, created the site to help people experience hypnosis audio sessions from top hypnotherapists from all over the world. Ron Eslinger is a registered nurse, navy captain, and hypnotherapist. He is one of the top NGH instructors. He contributes HypnoCloud hypnosis audio sessions on managing pain and boosting your immune system. Simple deep breathing can “activate the release of serotonin, endorphins and melatonin in your brain, natural chemicals responsible for pain relief and stress management,” he says.

Hypnotherapist David Ezzell, the founder of the AlphaMind self-hypnosis app, stopped smoking with hypnosis and was able to lose 150 lbs listening to Ron Eslinger self-hypnosis audio sessions. “Life is challenging at times, and with Self-Hypnosis, you can learn how to take control over your thoughts and habits and create better health for yourself and your family,” Ezell says.

Coronavirus is more dangerous for smokers, according to CNN. Smoking increases inflammation in the lungs, making smokers more susceptible than non-smokers. While there is no direct link, smoking increases the conditions that make Covid-19 worse. And the same goes for vaping. Because it attacks the lungs, the coronavirus can be an especially serious threat if you vape. Vaping leaves lung tissue inflamed, fragile, and susceptible to infection.

But smokers aren’t the only people at risk during the crisis. The “Hypnosis Audio Session to Activate Healing for all Body Systems” hypnosis session is designed to help you enhance the functionality of your Immune System.  You will be guided to anchor a “remembered wellness.” With guided imagery of your Immune System strengthening, you will creatively activate a natural restoration and realignment of the system for its proper function and release of the chemicals necessary to fight off pathogens. With deep mental and physical relaxation you will experience a soothing healing ease throughout your Digestive, Circulatory, Endocrine, Immune, Lymphatic, Nervous, Urinary, Respiratory and Skeletal systems.

Sleep deprivation leaves us stressed, tired and likely to overeat, but it also leaves us open to infection. Sleep could prove to be a lifesaver when it comes to Covid-19, according to The Telegraph. It can help stave off infection and minimize symptoms when it hits.

You have to sleep well every night. Brain cells need rest. Your health depends on your sleep. Hypnosis can help you sleep better. During sleep our immune systems produces proteins called cytokines and T cells, white blood cells which are crucial to the immune system. Lack of sleep creates a flight or fight response, stress, anxiety, and activates inappropriate reactions from the immune system. Getting a good night’s sleep like recharging your cell phone.

If you are at a point of readiness in your life to learn natural ways for falling asleep and staying asleep, then hypnosis can be a good option for you. With self-hypnosis natural relaxation techniques, you can learn to unwind from a busy day and stressful thoughts – to shut off the busy mind and fall into a restful sound sleep. This hypnosis audio session teaches simple and effective relaxation techniques. You can gently convince your mind the time to react for the day is over. The time to react for tomorrow is yet to come. Ultimately you are better off with a restful sleep for the new day.

If you cannot book a session right now or travel to see your hypnotherapist, then HypnoCloud is your solution. Hypnotherapists contribute with years of experience and deliver their sessions in the audio format, usually about 35 to 45 minutes long.

HypnoCloud’s online store offers hypnosis audio sessions for smoking, immune system boost, sleep and anxiety and more.