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Germophobe Howie Mandel hypnotized to shake Howard Stern’s Hand on America’s got talent

Article by Tony Sokol Howie Mandel was hypnotized into shaking hands with his co-stars on the May 26, 2015, broadcast of “America’s Got Talent.” That might not seem like a big deal, but the game show host and celebrity judge is a renowned germaphobe, which can make the very thought [...]

Self-Hypnosis Technique Eye Catalepsy Isn’t As Scary As It Might Suggest

Article by Tony Sokol Eye catalepsy, it sounds a little frightening like some kind of ocular spasm, but it is actually one of the most effective ways to relax. Hypnotherapists use the eye catalepsy technique both to test trance level and to induce it. If a hypnotist asks you to [...]

Milton Erickson Overcame handicaps and controversy to become a father of modern hypnotherapy

Article by Tony Sokol Milton Erickson overcame two bouts of polio and a debilitating case of dyslexia to become the father of modern hypnotherapy. He broke new ground and changed psychotherapy.  Erickson believed all the necessary resources for healing and transformation could be found in the unconscious. “Within his own [...]

Katy Perry Got Hypnotized to Erase The Memories of Celebrity Boyfriends, Can You?

Article by Tony Sokol Can Hypnosis therapy help you mend a broken heart and forget someone? In the 1958 film version of the musical South Pacific, Mitzi Gaynor sang the number “I'm Gonna Wash That Man Right Out Of My Hair,” after a being dumped by her soldier lover and [...]

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