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Albert Einstein explored the relative benefits of hypnotherapy

Article by Tony Sokol One of the biggest myths of hypnosis is that intelligent people can’t be put under but one of the smartest historical figures in history swore by it. Noted physicist Albert Einstein used hypnotherapy to explore his creativity. The father of science reportedly came up with the [...]

Mixed Martial Artist Miesha Tate Mesmerized To Maximize Her Mindset.

Article by Tony Sokol Mental focus and concentration are as important in sports as physical training as far as attaining a winning mindset. Visualization exercises can increase confidence and strength and even help athletes cope with post-game pain. Mixed martial artist Miesha Tate, who is the current Women's Bantamweight Champion [...]

Self-Hypnosis Technique Eye Catalepsy Isn’t As Scary As It Might Suggest

Article by Tony Sokol Eye catalepsy, it sounds a little frightening like some kind of ocular spasm, but it is actually one of the most effective ways to relax. Hypnotherapists use the eye catalepsy technique both to test trance level and to induce it. If a hypnotist asks you to [...]

Harvard hypnotists help regrow brain cell with meditation

Article by Tony Sokol Hypnosis and meditation are well know for their health benefits with regards to stress and  overcoming bad habits, but reset study found that the alpha state that one achieves with hypnosis can also rejuvenate the mind. A group of Harvard University students spent eight weeks doing [...]

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