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Elena Mosaner
HypnoCloud Founder

Welcome to HypnoCloud. My name is Elena Mosaner and I am a founder of HypnoCloud.

I became fascinated with hypnosis when I was five years old after my mom took me to see a stage hypnotist in Russia. Till this day, I remember the female hypnotist taking the stage, making adults act like children. I remember seeing them playing with their imaginary toys and speaking in kid’s voices. I was perplexed. How could hypnosis make them act like little kids?

Many years later, when I came to New York City to build my life (from scratch), I came across an ad for a hypnosis course. Immediately, I knew I had to take this course. I wanted to decipher the magic of hypnosis I saw on stage back when I was a kid. But, I also believed that hypnosis could help me enrich my mindset, as I was trying to integrate in the big city. I struggled with a few things, trying to fit in the new world and find my professional path, as I was looking for jobs and educational opportunities. I was also taking some acting classes at the time and needed some performance confidence. And that old and debilitating fear of driving, I hoped hypnosis could help me overcome.

After taking my first hypnosis course, I began designing my own self-hypnosis tapes to help me be a better version of me. I remember recording those old hypnosis tapes, trying to rewrite my old inner narratives.  As I dug deeper and worked with other hypnotherapists exchanging sessions, I saw a tremendous potential in self-hypnosis and hypnotherapy all together.

As I was working on my own growth, using self-hypnosis, I thought one day, why don’t I become a hypnotherapist? It would be a great way to help people, make money and the idea of setting my own schedule and being my own boss was very attractive to me. So, long story short, I built my own practice in Manhattan. Surely, it was not easy in the beginning. Any practice takes a lot of effort and business acumen in order to develop and make it successful. So, I made a tape and hypnotized myself to believe I was a successful hypnotherapist. I saw it, I felt it and I spoke  to myself the words of confidence and courage in the state of hypnosis. Upon awaking, I was on autopilot, fearlessly pursuing my goal of becoming a hypnotherapist in New York City, connecting the dots and having fun with it.

I met the right people, made friends with many talented and successful NYC hypnotherapists. I wrote blogs, made videos and also worked for other hypnotherapists, until one day my practice took off and I was focusing on my ideal clients and referring the rest to my other colleagues.

Today, I share my time between NYC and La Jolla in California and enjoying teaching my  “Your New Chapter” self-hypnosis workshop, as I travel the world.

How does HypnoCloud come into play,  you might ask? As you understand, I am a big proponent of self-hypnosis.  It is a tool that helped me sped up my personal development, expanding my worldview and enriching the face of opportunity. I have created this platform to help you gain the same benefits of self-hypnosis. On HypnoCloud, myself and other hypnotherapists from all over the world share their best experience in the form of unique self-hypnosis audios programs.

As hypnotherapists, we have unique styles, approaches and the hypnosis relaxation techniques which we use with our clients. We also have our unique stories that brought us to hypnosis, thus our unique strengths and the issues we love to work with when we help people with. Someone may have a unique experience in pain management hypnosis, another in conquering specific phobias or helping women with fertility problems, exercise motivation, athletes confidence or performance excellence and so on.

Instead of having one person design all products, HypnoCloud provides a platform for hypnotherapists from all other world to match their best experience on content creation and your unique need.

If you are searching for a product, browse our categories. If you don’t see what you are looking for, let us know. If you are or know a great hypnotherapist who could be a contributor to HypnoCloud, drop us a note, or send them our way!

Stay hypnotic, stay focused, stay yourself!